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At The Clinic

At Arc of Life Chiropractic, our dedicated team of staff will work with you to ensure that your experience in our clinic is as informative, educational and beneficial to you as possible. Below is the outline of our 2-day clinic procedures for new patient consultation and examination and what you can expect during your first few visits.


Day 1: Initial Examination

Your visit will entail the following:


  • Detailed Case History Taking
  • Thorough Examination including Physical / Neuro-Muscular Examination / Spinal Palpation to determine areas of subluxation and injury
  • Postural Assessment and bilateral weight balance
  • X-rays MAY be required, depending on the nature of your injury and primary complaint (you will be referred to a Radiology clinic if necessary. Cost of x-rays are approximately $211)
  • Family Posture Card (you will be given this to complete at home)

Day 2: The Report of Findings (Problem & Solution Report)

Today, please kindly return the duly completed Family Posture Card to complete your evaluation. During this visit, you can expect the following:


  • Reviewing of your first day's Physical Examination Findings with Doctor (If X-ray Films were taken, it will be reviewed concurrently)
  • Examining & Understanding the Cause of the Problem/Subluxation
  • The Condition & Phase of Degeneration
  • Whether The Doctor can Accept Your Case
    If yes, you will receive your first Chiropractic Adjustment at a cost between $90-120 (adult) or $70-90 (child), depending on type of treatment required, and will be payable on this day. 
  • Doctor’s Best Recommendation and Treatment Protocol for Your Specific Case
  • Mapping of Your Future Appointments and Flexible Payment Options
  • You will be Required to Make a Decision regarding your Health Plan
  • Should you choose to go ahead with the recommended Treatment Plan, your adjustment today will be part of your Treatment Plan and will not require individual payment


Payment Policy

  • The total cost of the above new patient examination and reporting process is $240 (with detailed written report) or $100 (without written report).
  • If you have received a Gift Certificate or are responding to a promotion, the advertised promotional fee will be due and payable on Day 1. Please note that the advertised promotional fee does not include the cost of x-rays nor the first adjustment that you may receive on Day 2.
  • There is no further GST levied on our services.



Thank you for taking the time to familiarize yourself with our office procedures. If you are interested to have your spine checked and undergo rehabilitative chiropractic care in our clinic, please download the “New Patient Form”, print it out and fax the completed form back to us at Fax: 6732-3313.


Alternatively, you can call our clinic at Tel: 6732-3323 to make an appointment. Our Chiropractic Assistants will gladly assist you.