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Types of Stress

Subluxations are caused by daily stresses, which can manifest itself in the following ways:



Physical stresses can cause subluxations from simple things like slips and falls at home/work/sports, carrying heavy objects, prolonged poor posture at school or work, repetitive motion like golfing, poor sleeping posture, car accidents, sedentary lifestyle and even a difficult or prolonged birthing process.





Chemical stress can be caused by inhalating toxic fumes, the medications that you take, to the types of food that you eat.  We are designed to be in a state of chemical homeostasis (or balance) within our bodies, yet that balance is being challenged daily by the things that we put into our bodies. For example, food additives, trans-fat, fatty food, lard, alcohol, cigarette smoke, chemical fumes etc.




Emotional and/or mental stress can cause subluxations by triggering muscle tension and spasms in the underlying muscle tissue, which over time causes fibrous adhesions to form, thus creating trigger points to develop in the areas most ‘stressed.’  Stressful deadlines, anxiety at work or having arguments with loved ones, change in jobs, or a fast-paced lifestyle  can create these emotional/mental stresses that can cause subluxations or misalignments in your body.