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Types of Chiropractors

When consulting with any type of healthcare provider, it is essential that the patient understands what the practitioner specializes in. For example, you may not be aware of the fact that there are several types of chiropractors. Most can be grouped into three categories. It is important that you choose the right practitioner according to your own priorities and health goals. The three main types of chiropractors are:



(1) Symptomatic Pain Relief Chiropractors

These chiropractors focus on pain and symptom relief. As soon as the pain and/or symptom are relieved, care is generally ceased. X-rays and other diagnostic tests are rarely performed. The number of treatments is dependant on the degree of pain and the amount of insurance coverage, where applicable. Treatment is usually offered at the first consultation.



(2) Maintenance Chiropractors

These chiropractors adopt a periodical approach to pain and/or symptom treatment. The consultation period serves to keep the pain and/or symptom away. Initial x-ray assessment is provided at the start of the treatment. Treatment is usually offered at the first consultation.



(3) Rehabilitative Chiropractors

Rehabilitative chiropractors firstly focus on correcting the shape of the spine and improving the function of the central nervous system. The frequency and treatment plan is based on the severity of each patient case. These chiropractors also strive to maximize the patient’s health potential by correcting existing and preventing future degenerative conditions through postural correction.



At Arc of Life Chiropractic Centre, our clinic specializes in Rehabilitative chiropractic care. We examine patients for vertebral subluxations and focus on correcting the spinal alignment, thereby improving the function of the central nervous system.