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Optimal Spine = Optimal Health

A life of wellness and vitality is something we all hope for as we approach our ‘golden’ years.  But more often than not, reality sets in and we instead start to feel our age by way of aching joints, hunchback posture, stiff muscles, and decreased energy in every activity we used to enjoy so much!


So what is it that determines whether we age well and live fully or age poorly and feel like we are the walking dead? It lies with something our mothers use to tell us when we were growing up: “Sit up straight and watch your posture!”


It turns out that posture is indeed the window to your spine, and thus your health.  More and more research is starting to support the damaging effects that poor posture can play in one’s health and livelihood.


Posture and Health

As stated by the American Journal of Pain Management:

  • Posture and normal physiology are interrelated
  • Posture affects and moderates every physiological function from breathing to hormonal production.
  • Abnormal posture is evident in patients with chronic and stress related illnesses.
  • Homeostasis and nervous system function are ultimately connected with posture.
  • Despite the considerable evidence that posture affects physiology and function, the significant influence on posture and health is not addressed by most allopathic (medical) physicians.



An optimal functioning spine and nervous system equates to optimal health.  Basically, as the body develops poor posture by way of incurring stress from any of the physical, chemical, or emotional/mental traumas, subluxation patterns form over time and ultimately cause a rapid progression of spinal degeneration.


How many elderly people have you seen walking along the streets with stooped or hunched postures?  And how many of us felt badly for them, but really were just glad that it wasn’t us?  Research has even shown that the forward head posture (hunchback posture with head jutting forward) can stretch the spinal cord as much as 5-7cm!  It is vital that everyone adopt a proactive behavior to support proper posture from birth, so get your spine checked for subluxations as early as possible, for yourself as well as your entire family.