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From 2009 - Present

Nothing presents better evidence on the effectiveness of chiropractic than the words spoken by the patients themselves. Read what these patients who have opted for better health and committed themselves to chiropractic care with us have to say. These testimonies were written by the patients themselves and are used either in part or in whole.


To all our valued patients, thank you for your wonderful testimonies. We applaud you on your dedication and commitment in your chiropractic journey with us. Congratulations on your attainment of better health and the achievement of your personal feats. We are so happy to be a part of it...


(Note: All patient testimonials are published with patients' prior written consent) 


Patients’ Testimonials 2009 - Present


"As a therapist working with some of the Singapore Women Everest team, I got very inspired by their success when they reached the summit in May 2009. I thought if I could devote five years of working towards climbing Mt Everest; then that possibility could become a reality. Before I get ahead of myself, let me start by reaching the base camp of Everest first.



But how could I train when every hike to Bukit Timah resulted in back or foot pain? Training at Bukit Timah takes about 3 hours, doing the base camp of Everest would take 17 days, over 65 miles and approximately 20,000 feet on foot. I needed help. Help came from Arc of Life Chiropractic.


Without the professional skills and dedication of Dr Andrew Ching, I might have given up because of the pain in my back, knees and foot. Healing is a two-way responsibility. I took Dr Andrew's exercise advice seriously and came for chiropractic sessions regularly. I could feel the positive changes in my body and that gave me confidence, mentally and physically.


In January 2010, I made it to Cho La Pass 5,420m  (17,780 ft) and Base Camp Everest 5,380m (17,650 ft).


Thank you Dr Andrew and the staff at Arc of Life. My next adventure is climbing the Via Ferrata in the Dolomite, Italy and I know who I can count on to turn on the power of the master system in my body." 



(Susan Si, Hypno-Massage Therapist, April 2010)









"I have had problems with my right hip over the last two or more years, together with cervical (neck) aches which eased with the occassional neck massages. When I commenced treatment with Dr Andrew last August 2009, I was told that my right leg is shorter than my left, and was given an insole support to use. This has somehow helped me in my balance. I have to say the regular chiropractic adjustments have helped me tremendously. Now the pain is no longer an issue, and also the cervical (neck) aches seem to have ceased, reappearing only occassionally.


I never used to think much about chiropractic treatment before, but now I believe that chiropractic treatment has a big role to play in the healthcare field! I would like to thank Dr Andrew very much for the excellent work you have done on me. I will always remember you and your family in my prayers."


(Sister Agnes Tan, Retired Trained Nurse/Midwife, 80 years old, May 2010)






"First and foremost, I'd like to thank Dr Andrew for assuring me and making me feel hopeful that I am still able to do sports despite the break in my L5. I just can't imagine myself not doing sports or exercising! I'll end up being the most depressed person in the world! Regular chiropractic adjustments to my spine by Dr Andrew and an active approach to strengthening my core has made my body stronger and fitter to do sports. Furthermore, Dr Andrew has given me many advice on what kind of exercises to do and what not to do. This allows me to understand my body and injury more and hence I'm now able to work out without aggravating my injury. Thank you Dr Andrew for your help. If I haven't met you, I'll still be experiencing back pain..."

(Doreen Yeo, Tertiary Student, May 2010)






  "I have back problems with Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS) too. For many years, I have been slouching due to poor posture. Many times the pain will make me walk abnormally.


After about 2 months of chiropractic adjustments, I now have lesser pain and am able to sleep much better. The body form has corrected significantly. I have better posture - more upright and more mobility.


I really would like to thank Dr Andrew Ching for all his chiropractic adjustments. I feel happier and more energetic."


(Eric Tan, Engineer, March 2010)






"8 years ago, I had a fall on my hip (left side), and the pain and ache ever since just wouldn't go away, even though I had gone to TCM for adjustments for more than 10 times from 2002-2009. Then in mid 2009, my boss introduced Dr Andrew to me and I told him about my condition that I can't even kneel or bend my left knee and that I am suffering from great pain. It was really torturing and I am just 29 years old. I really don't want to continue tolerating such pain anymore. After taking my 1st x-ray, Dr Andrew highlighted to me that based on the x-ray, it shows that my lumbar spine is shifted to the right and it is putting stress onto my spinal nerves which possibly led to the pain in my knee.


After my first adjustment, it is like a miracle, the pain on my knee is totally gone, not even an ache left. I feel so great and optimistic about my freedom from pain. After going for regular chiropractic adjustments, I can now feel my body's improvement. It is worth it going through all those chiropractic adjustments."


(Keigo Tan, Associate Executive, April 2010)




"I have scoliosis and my backbone is curved in an inverted "S" shape with a curvature of about 20 degrees. After undergoing chiropractic adjustments at Arc of Life Chiropractic, I felt much better and more relaxed. There is lesser stress on my right shoulder and I also noticed that I fall sick less often as compared to before. This certainly shows me the benefits of chiropractic care. Not only do I feel better now, but I also have better sense of balance. My right shoulder is more relaxed and flexible and my aches have lessened. Now after a few months of treatment, my spine has reduced from 20 degrees curvature to 13 degrees. I am elated by the results and am more determined to work harder with the exercises that was prescribed to me and try to get the curve reduced even further. I am really glad to be introduced to this clinic by my sister and I would like to thank Dr Andrew Ching for his care. Chiropractic care definitely has helped me tremendously and I will not hesitate to recommend this form of care to others."


(Lionel Ong, Secondary School Student, April 2010)



"I have been suffering from low back pain and stiff neck for many years. However last year in 2009, the excruciating pain had become a problem and it affected my work. Although I have been going through physiotherapy, the pain was still unbearable. Therefore a friend of mine recommended me to Arc of Life Chiropractic Centre and I sought advice from Dr Andrew Ching. After going through chiropractic adjustments over a period of time, the pain subsequently subsided and now I can even do household chores. During my time at Arc of Life, Dr Andrew and the clinic staff have been very professional and helpful. I really appreciate the service at Arc of Life and I will definitely recommend other people with similiar problems to Arc of Life."

(Karen Lui, Supervisor, April 2010)






 "I used to feel breathless when I exercised, and not able to look up or tilt my head back due to my neck's immobility. I had to bear excruciating pain that strikes once every 2-3 weeks, it was like torture. When the pain struck, I was unable to function and could do nothing but to lie in bed with medication that brought about side effects. The problem persisted for up to a year.


I was then introduced to Dr Andrew Ching and commenced treatment with him in mid July 2009. In a short span of time, my condition improved by leaps and bounds. I am now able to do simple exercises without facing breathing difficulties and am able to look up again! In addition, I need not consume any medication and the pain has subsided. My life is so much more relaxing and joyful now! Thank you so much Dr Andrew!" 


(Suzie Teo, Housewife, November 2009)





"I injured my back 1-2 years ago during a soccer game. At first, I thought it was just a normal backache so I just ignored it. The pain did not go away but got worst and eventually it even affected my sleep at night. After Dr Andrew Ching treated me, I felt different. I feel my back is stronger and more surprisingly, even my morning sinuses is gone too. Thank you Dr Andrew Ching."

    (David Aw, Sales Supervisor, November 2009)





“I am 37 years old with 3 lovely kids. We are indeed glad to be patients of Dr Andrew Ching since 2007. My health today is a far cry from what it was 3 years ago and I would like to thank Dr Andrew and his team for all the care and education throughout our care program with the clinic. My problem started since I was 7 years old when I was diagnosed with scoliosis. Doctors’ usual advice was “To observe and leave it”. I could not sit up straight for long, had breathing problems, and could not do sit-ups or crunches because my spine hurts. After 3 childbirths, I started to experience loud cracking from my hip joints that hurts even when I walk. Then in May 2007, everything turned for the worse, there was piercing acute lower back pain and acute gastritis that I could not even lie down.


That was when I consulted Dr Andrew. The rest was history. He introduced to me not only the wonderful benefits of chiropractic adjustments but also educated us on natural health habits for optimum health. Now chiropractic care is not a treatment to me anymore but a way of life. Dr Andrew, thank you once again.”


(Dr Lilie Lim, Dentist, August 2009)

Dr Lilie Lim & her AOL Chiropractic Kids, Li Teik, Li Jay & Su Wei





“I have suffered back problems for over 30 years resulting from impact injuries and heavy lifting (Lower back pain, pains in the legs and bad posture). On holiday in Singapore from Scotland and suffering some pain, I visited Arc of Life Chiropractic Centre.
I was very impressed with Dr Andrew Ching’s thorough examination (including X-ray analysis). He went to great lengths to put into layman’s terms the damage done to my back and to fully explain the planned treatment. They were very flexible in accommodating me within my holiday schedule, timing my treatments between our other commitments. Treatment was instructive and effective.


Now that I am back home in Scotland, I am regularly doing the exercises Dr Andrew prescribed with greatly-reduced levels of pain and noticeably increased mobility. I will be returning to Singapore at the end of this year and intend to book at least one treatment with Arc of Life. It gives me great pleasure to provide this testimonial.”

 (Tourist, Mr R. L. Macmillan, Retired, 62 years old, August 2009)






“I have been experiencing lower back pain ever since I fell on my bum while playing netball in school in 2006. It hurt really badly for a couple of weeks but the pain eventually went away. The pain somehow returned early this year in 2009. It got so unbearable that I could not sit up straight. I went for an x-ray at Tan Tock Seng Hospital and was told that I have scoliosis and spondylolisthesis. The doctor told me that there was nothing I could do to correct my condition except to stop it from getting worse. I was given a few exercises to do daily too.


My parents were upset that the doctor couldn’t do anything more for me. After two weeks, my parents decided to bring me to Dr Andrew. To be honest, I was skeptical about chiropractic at first. But after a month and a half of adjustments, I discovered that the pain is much less now and moreover, my appetite has improved and my focus and concentration has improved alot. In addition, my menstrual cramps have lessened and I sleep a lot better at night.


Credits to Dr Andrew =) He has been really patient in explaining my condition to me and how the exercises he gave me can help me improve my overall body function and nervous system.”


(Ariel Soh, Tertiary Student, August 2009)





“I received treatment over 12 months during which time I was pregnant with my first son. My treatment with Dr Andrew Ching was initiated due to neck and back pain I had been experiencing for many years. It was a great relief to not only have a great diagnosis but also to receive customized care for my vertebral subluxation. I believe that the treatment I underwent improved my overall wellbeing and contributed to the safe and unproblematic delivery of my son. I would definitely recommend chiropractic treatment with Dr Andrew Ching as I have found his services to be effective and very professional.”



   (Angela Ryan, HR Consultant, June 2009)







“The experience has been wonderful and extremely beneficial for my wellbeing… the reason why I make it a point to come regularly. Dr Andrew has been most wonderful, He is warm and friendly and puts his patients at ease. Highly knowledgeable and patient. It has been a great chiropractic experience!”

(Jenny Cheah, General Manger, April 2009)



“Yes, Dr Andrew has been treating me since October 2008. I have carpal tunnel syndrome and have been experiencing numbness to the extent it affected my sleep. Since starting treatment twice weekly, my condition improved tremendously. I hardly experience any numbness now. And even if I do, the extent of the numbness is very much less than before.”

      (Lai Pai Lin, Pharmacist, April 2009)




“My 2 sisters and I have benefited greatly with treatments by Dr Andrew Ching in the past few months. My elder sister, after 2 months’ treatment, now sleeps much better and more soundly than before. Her appetite has also improved. My second sister, after just 4 weeks’ of treatment, can now get out of bed easily and her neck condition has also improved. Her x-ray showed significant improvement in her neck curvature. Another obvious benefit is that she can now squat for longer periods of time; her legs are stronger as she can now climb the stairs easily too. Her frequent headaches have also greatly reduced. As for myself, besides improvement in my neck like my sis, I can feel my stamina has also greatly improved. My left hand can now stretch up to the same level as my right hand. Previously, I have trouble doing this as my left hand was stiff and cannot stretch up high.”

(Sng Siew Eng, Sng Siew Choo, Sng Siew Hoon,
Sisters in their 50s and 60s, April 2009)





“I started chiropractic care with Dr Andrew about 2 years ago. The care I received from Dr Andrew was great and has generally improved my well-being. I feel less fatigued, headaches less frequent and my mobility has improved. Thanks Dr Andrew!”


 (Amanda Ng, Operations Manager, April 2009)










“Dr Andrew has been a great help for me. Under his care, my neck pain disappeared and I feel very much better. My recovery from exercises has tremendously improved. He always has encouraging words for his patients. I benefited a lot from him. Kudos Dr Andrew!”

(Krishnamoorthy Ramoo, Director, April 2009)