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From 2005 - 2008

Nothing presents better evidence on the effectiveness of chiropractic than the words spoken by the patients themselves. Read what these patients who have opted for better health and committed themselves to chiropractic care with us have to say. These testimonies were written by the patients themselves and are used either in part or in whole.


And to all our valued patients, thank you for your wonderful testimonies. We applaud you on your dedication and commitment in your chiropractic journey with us. Congratulations on your attainment of better health and the achievement of your personal feats. We are so happy to be a part of it...


Patients’ Testimonials 2005 -2008


“Some of my sickness are as long as 30 years old. No medication can cure them. You have successfully adjusted me, helping my body to heal effectively over just two months of time. I have fully recovered now. The result is amazing. It would not be possible without your treatment. I really appreciate your care very much and the time you took to treat me and my family. You are professional, methodical, efficient and most productive in your treatment. Please take good care of yourself and get more rest.”


(Lee Keng Eng, September 2007)




“I feel so good now after Dr Andrew Ching treated my spine which was out of alignment. Before that, my right collar bone was swollen and painful and I could not sleep on my right side. For the longest time, my neck was very stiff and my shoulders were tight, despite having weekly body massages. I was lethargic, had digestion problems and always felt bloated. Because of Dr Andrew’s skill and diligent care, each time I had a treatment, I felt better and better. Now, after a few months, I am light and happy. My aches and pain are gone and I have a tremendous sense of well-being.


I know the benefits of having chiropractic treatment and would always recommend Dr Andrew with his skill and high standard of professional care, Dr Andrew Ching is a wonderful Doctor of Chiropractic. I am immensely grateful to him.”

(Pek Bee Hong, Retired Bank Manager, September 2007)




“I had a very bad fall on 26.12.06 whilst mopping the floor, hurting my lower spine. Lying down and getting up from bed must be aided by someone. Lifting two litres of water was also a problem. A visit to the hospital did not help at all. X-ray was taken showing the lower spine injury. A jab and painkillers were given and I was advised to return in 3 weeks time for check-up.


I have to thank my daughter, Claudia, who brought me to see Dr Andrew. His skillful adjustments improved my condition in less than a month. My daily routine was back to normal. My spine is stronger now; shoulders are balanced, though my head is still slightly tilting forward. My health improved! The most wonderful part of chiropractic is: “It’s Drug Free!” I take this opportunity to thank Dr Andrew and wish everyone “Strong & Healthy!”

(Jane Ong, Housewife, July 2007)




“My close friends have often told me that I hunched. In fact, even if they don’t tell me, I know it but there’s nothing much I can do.  As much as I tried to stand up straight, my posture will always go back to the slouch position.  My parents even bought back support for me when I was young to wear everyday.  But I know it couldn’t do much because I saw no improvement.


Just when I thought I’ve given up and resigned to my fate (my dad’s family members also hunch, so naturally I thought hunch back must be some kind of hereditary issue!), I found chiropractic by chance.  I started the treatment last November, and my posture improved tremendously with the help of Dr Andrew’s adjustments.  I made sure I did my exercises and traction too.  Because a patient must also be proactive in their own well-being, and coupled with that belief that you can improve, only then can you truly reap the benefits of both you and the doctor’s efforts. 


Through chiropractic, I’ve also learnt that birth delivery through forceps can seriously damage the spine, which is what happened in my case.  By gradually gaining the right posture back, along the way I have also gained valuable knowledge.  In time to come, I sincerely believe that my posture and quality of life will improve further. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr Andrew and his team for their care. Greatly appreciated!”     

(Sharon Lee, Marketing Executive, June 2007) 




“I used to have bad headaches, numbness in my right arm and terrible pain on my shoulders and neck area. These days my headache is all gone and the pain around my shoulders has lessened. I feel so much better now than before.


There was one day when I could not even lift my left arm across my right shoulders. It was terrible; I had a golf tournament in 2 hours time. I rushed down to see Dr Andrew, he did wonders and not only did I play well, but I came in 6th place in my division (out of 50 others) – Amazing!


I would like to thank Dr Andrew for doing such a good job. Not only is he pleasant, but he does a thorough check all the time. Great job!!!”

(Katherine Rappa, May 2007)





“I went to an orthopedic surgeon after a TCM who did acupuncture but I did not receive any pain relief. The orthopedic surgeon suggested operating on my back (due to slipped disc). Since I was afraid of possible side effects, I rejected the idea. Thanks to my husband, he brought me to a Chiropractor and here I am.


I limped to the clinic sometime in March 2006 and was told to have 3 times per week of treatment. It was very easy because each treatment is less than 5 minutes and not very painful. Being determined to recover, I swam 4 times a week and had 3 sessions of chiropractic treatment at the start. Now I require only once a week. Thank you very much to Dr Andrew and staff. I’m very grateful.


I also want everyone to know that swimming makes me healthy and Chiropractic corrected my posture, making it healthy and steady. Thank you very much.”

(Margaret, Homemaker, November 2006)




“I had neck and shoulder pain since last year July 2005. That kind of pain and sour ache made me unable to sleep the whole night. Sometimes, it also made me feel headache on the right side of my head at the back. At first, I thought it was normal shoulder pain and went for uruk (traditional massage), but it didn’t help.


As recommended by my family doctor, I went to visit an orthopedic surgeon and had a MRI of my cervical spine. The report showed that there was a right lateral herniation of the C5/C6 cervical disc with narrowing of the spinal canal and neural foramen on the right C6 nerve root. As advised by the orthopedic surgeon, I need more exercise (like swimming) and took painkillers to reduce the pain. But the condition didn’t improve until I found chiropractic care on a brochure.


I started chiropractic treatment with Dr Andrew during early April 2006 and until now, my pain and sour ache is getting lesser and lesser and my condition is getting better and better. Now, I can sleep well and eat well.


Lastly, I want to take this opportunity to thank Dr Andrew Ching for his professional advice and treatments and also want to thank his assistant for her friendly service and kind assistance during my many treatments.”

(Katherine Koh, Housewife, October 2006)





“Dr Andrew, thank you for being someone with a deep sense of commitment and purpose and a genuine love for people. I wish you every success in your career! The care and friendliness you have exhibited will always be remembered. Namaste! And if Ashleigh could write, she’d say “Thank you for being so “handy” – given the apt definition of the word “chiro” + “practic”! With gratitude and respect.


(Tania Chee & Ashleigh Goh, November 2005)